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Dubbo District Preschool - Life Long Learning

Buninyong Preschool

Days and hours are 9:00 am – 3.00 pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 8.30 pm to 3.50 pm Thursday and Friday

On arrival please encourage your child to put their bag on the bag rack, put on their hat and sunscreen and wash their hands. Please sign your child in the sign- in book near the door.

During the Preschool day we will:

  • Play outside and eat morning tea
  • Participate in singing, music and dancing
  • Do art and craft activities
  • Have lunch
  • Listen to a story in the large group
  • Build with blocks/do puzzles/play with playdough/have pretend play
  • Have quiet time for about 30mins


Pick up- between 3.00 pm to 3.50 pm Children must be signed out and picked up by this time as staff need time to prepare for the next day after the children go home.

Your child must only be picked up by the people named on your collection list for safety reasons. Please update this list with the teachers as necessary.

What to Pack

  • hat
  • water bottle
  • change of clothes e.g undies and shorts
  • Cot sized sheet set in drawstring bag or pillowcase
  • lunch box with yoghurt or fruit or cheese and biscuits for morning tea and a sandwich for lunch. Sometimes it is easier to have an extra sandwich for morning tea than a lot of expensive snack foods


Why preschool?

At Buninyong Preschool your child will learn skills that will help them be ready for school.

At Buninyong Preschool

  • the class is staffed by a university trained early childhood teacher, a TAFE trained assistant, along with an aboriginal assistant with Certificate 3 training.
  • we provide developmentally appropriate activities for children to learn through their play and interactions with others.
  • we will practice writing and reading their name, cutting with scissors and lots of fun art and craft activities that help develop their fine motor skills needed for writing at school.
  • your child will climb, run, and play outside developing their gross motor skills and co-ordination.
  • they will learn numbers and counting through their play and lots of number songs and counting rhymes.
  • your child will learn to follow instructions and be used to being in a class situation with a larger group of children.
  • we encourage lots of independence such as putting on shoes and socks and packing their own bag.
  • your child will learn to share and take turns and make friends.
  • your child will become familiar with the Buninyong School environment and be transitioned to school.


Phone: 68820014

Mobile: 0458820014