Dubbo District Preschool - Life Long Learning

Activities & Excursions

Free Play Activities

  • Puzzles and playing with blocks
  • Listening to and playing music
  • Outdoor play in our two large shady playgrounds
  • Painting & drawing, cutting & pasting
  • Playing with clay, playdough sand & water
  • Climbing on equipment, balancing, running & jumping
  • Using Computers
  • Dressing up and playing in the home corner or cubby house

Group Activites

  • Language
  • Reading books and listening to stories
  • Talking and Listening
  • Musical Games and Songs
  • Dancing & Drama


The children may borrow one book at a time from the children's borrowing library.

Each parent is responsible for borrowed library books. Please fill in the details in the card inside each book and leave in you child's communication pocket.


Profile books are created for each child who attends for a full day session. They are a reflection of their time at preschool, their skills, interests and development.

We include work samples, digital photos and observations.

See the Early Years Learning Framework website for further information.


Sometimes the children may go on excursions to local places of interest and sometimes the preschool may be visited by travelling shows e.g clowns.

You will be notified through a newsletter and a permission note will need to be signed. Sometimes there is a minimal cost.

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