Dubbo District Preschool - Life Long Learning



Dubbo and District Preschool has been proudly serving the children and families of Dubbo for over 50 years. Whilst we are proud of this history, we continue to strive towards providing high quality education that reflects current research and understandings about children. We value the wonder and excitement of children and recognise these early years as an opportunity for children to play, learn, create and imagine and our programs reflect this focus.

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The Preschool is licenced, approved and funded by The Department of Education and Communities. The Centre is licenced for 100 children per session between the ages of 3 and 6 years of age. There are 5 classrooms of up to 20 children each.


In 1962 the Lion's Club of Dubbo built the Dubbo and District Preschool Kindergarten on land given to them by the Dubbo City Council. The building has been added onto several times since to it's present state. Dubbo and District Preschool is a community based non-profit organisation.

Guiding Children's Behaviour

The aim of Dubbo and District Preschool is to

  • Provide a positive physical and social environment where children want to learn
  • Channel behaviour in a positive direction
  • Encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour

The Preschool follows the Circle of Security principles.